Tex-Mex Cantina best food in Gainesville Georgia


Tex-Mex Cantina best food in Gainesville Georgia

Steak quesadilla

Served with sour crème, guacamole, lettuce, & Pico de Gallo

Cowboy tacos

Sliced chicken breast in homemade adobo sauce, sautéed in lime juice on corn tortilla with rice, bean soup, avocado salad and sauce


Homemade Mexican style caramel flavored custard. Topped with whipped cream

and a cherry. – $6

A new Tex-Mex restaurant has opened; here's where

Tino’s Tex-Mex Cantina is bringing vibrant flavors to the Ramada Inn off EE Butler Parkway in Gainesville. 

The restaurant, which held its soft opening in late October, serves up both Tex-Mex dishes and cuisine from Michoacan, Mexico, where its owner, Agustin “Tino” Sanchez is from.  

Salsa and Chips to Go

Online order are available

A pint (16 oz.) of salsa and three small bags of chips - $4.50

A quart (32 oz.) of salsa with a large bag of chips - $7.75